B) BDFGeotherm – Web database of geothermal fluids in Switzerland

212 geothermal groundwater points from 84 sites in Switzerland and neighbouring regions are referenced and documented in this web database.


The database BDFGeotherm compiled in 2007 on Access code has been adapted to improve its availability and attractivity by using Google Earth free software & make these data directly available on our website.

This web database allows gathering existing geothermal data, generally widely dispersed and often difficult to reach, towards a user’s friendly tool. A large majority of sites is located in the northern part of the Jura Mountain and in the upper Rhone Valley. For a limited number of sites, photos and a geological log can be viewed.

You can browse this web database using the Search function below to reach any site.

You can also download the below BDFGeotherm.kmz file to visualize on Google Earth the 84 geothermal sites from Switzerland and neighbouring areas. Each one is represented with a pinpoint of different colour, for different temperature ranges.

Google Earth pinpoint colour black green yellow orange red
Fluid temperature (°C)

On Google Earth, general information about water use, geology, flow rate, temperature and mineralization are given in a small window by clicking on the desired pinpoint. Moreover, for each site, a direct link to this web database version allows you to view more detailed information, such as geographical description, geology, hydraulics, hydrochemistry, isotopes and geothermal parameters.

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